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The gas cylinder heating system uses six 79-liter gas cylinders for home heating, water heating, and cooking on a gas stove.

for residential buildings

The liquefied gas heating system works on the principle of "turn on and forget." Just set the temperature that is comfortable for you in the house.

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Gas boiler GC7000iW with remote control

Bosch condensing gas boiler with a high level of efficiency for heating and hot water with a capacity from 14 kW to 42 kW. Unique design with high-quality glass surface. Suitable for heating apartments or private homes.

Heating kit PGRP + SAFETY

Gas installation for 6 cylinders, a set of propane gas detector with a solenoid safety valve.

Gas boiler GC9000iW with remote control

New gas boiler of condensing type with the ability to remotely control the equipment using a smart device. Combines high efficiency, simplified installation and use. Unique design with high-quality glass surface and sensor.

Gas heating
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On the graph "heating equipment and liquid and solid fuels for one season" it is indicated that the autonomous system on liquefied gas has a lower operating capacity, but the cost of heating is almost the same as for pellet. Propane gas equipment is the most profitable and optimal option for heating the House.

We offer a variety of heating kits, for example the Budget kit is made from a conventional gas boiler with an atmospheric burner and is a gas unit with six cylinders and an automatic gas switch.We offer gas equipment rental (gas cabinet, meter, telemetry kit), we also offer gas telemetry check System Kit - condensing type gas boiler (Junkers), wired control panel (it is possible to install control panel, with the possibility to control the heating equipment remotely (WiFi), chimney, set with telemetry, gas meter and gas equipment with 6 cylinders.

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Gas heating system gas Telemetry system kit includes:

1. Gas equipment, which includes a cabinet with doors, telemetry kit + meter (subscription fee 5 EUR +VAT)

2. Condensing type gas boiler

3. Flue

4. Control panel with the ability to control the heating equipment remotely (WiFi)

What does the subscriber fee include?

• Counter

* Telemetry kit

How to calculate how much liquefied gas will be needed for the heating season?

To calculate the required consumption of liquefied gas (propane), you can use the following formula:

((169.95/12.88)/0.98) * area of your home * price per kilogram of liquefied gas (propane)

Deciphering the formula:

* 169.95 kW - required amount of thermal energy for 1 m2 heating and water heating (per year)

* 12.88 kW / kg-permanent calorific value of liquefied gas (propane)

* 0.98% - efficiency ratio of gas boiler

The amount expected for the entire heating season depends on the area to be heated and on the price of liquefied gas (propane) per 1 kilogram.

Important! This calculation applies only to heating the house and heating the water. It should be remembered that liquefied gas can also be used for cooking food on a gas stove. Also, the amount of liquefied gas to be consumed will depend on factors such as the number of family members in the family, the height of the ceilings, the number of windows and the temperature that is comfortable for you.

Within one and a half minutes, find out how much liquefied gas heating costs for your house – fill out a simple form on our website and we will send you all calculations immediately to e-mail.

Working hours per year

Compared to other types of heating, liquefied gas requires fewer hours of work. If the working hours when the fuel is firewood is 270 hours, then the working hours when the fuel is liquefied gas is 2 hours.

Caloric value of fuel

Firewood-2,65 kWh / kg

Granules-5,25 kWh / kg

Liquefied gas-12,88 kWh / kg

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Condensing type gas boiler with closed combustion chamber. Gas installation with six cylinders and automatic gas switch.


ZSB 24 1 DE

Gas condensing boiler for Central heating and hot water tank heating.The nominal heat output for heating the hot water tank is 24 kW. With the help of the EMS 2 series temperature controller, it can control the solar system.Bosch Heatronic 3 electronic control. Modern design and quiet operation.



The new Bosch Control CT-200 room thermostat allows you to control the heating boiler over WiFi, including remotely using an iOS or Android phone or tablet from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection is available. For remote control, you will need to download a special free Bosch Control app on your smartphone. A wireless version with the Key key is available.


Gas flow water heater JUNKERS miniMAXX WR 11-2P

A distinctive feature of any JUNKERS gas column is to maintain a constant temperature of hot water at the outlet of the column, regardless of water consumption.


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